Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: speed or less power consumption?

Have you already tried Microsoft Edge web browser? What’s your opinion about it? In fact, although Microsoft Edge has already been downloaded by millions, it seems that people remain more loyal to Google Chrome. Having this in mind, Microsoft took actions to boost Microsoft Edge’s popularity.

To highlight Edge’s advantages, Microsoft points out to Google Chrome’s high CPU and memory consumption. Various tests have been initiated to confirm or deny this statement. However, it has been found that if compared to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and other web browsers, Google Chrome uses more CPU, consumes more power, and drains batter more quickly. Chrome’s users often claim that once opened this web browser makes the device more sluggish, it starts lagging, crashes, and so on. There is some truth in these. However, do these negative features score off the positive? Probably not.

Up till now, Google Chrome remains the fastest web browser on the market. Besides, lots of people have been asked if they would switch Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge. The majority of people consider that CPU and memory consumption is not the most important case when speaking about web browsers. Internet users claim that Google Chrome is superior over Edge due to its performance, easy bookmarks and settings system, a variety of extensions, and so on. On top of that, Google has recently announced that Chrome 52 for Android devices will offer a faster video loading, less buffering, and less power consumption and that’s not the end.

Unfortunately, but we can hardly believe that Chrome is going to beat Edge in terms of power saving. It’s quite easy to test Chrome vs Edge. Open more than 12 tabs on Chrome and do the same on Edge. You will obviously see the difference, i.e. Chrome will use so much power that the browser may crash while the performance of the laptop/PC/tablet may significantly decrease. In contrast, Microsoft Edge uses minimal resources and does not burden the system so much.
Moreover, Microsoft Edge features some other advantages that should be considered. It appears that Edge is not only speedy, but also provides an advanced security, features minimalistic settings, customizable start page, allows taking notes on the pages viewed, and so on.

Luckily, it’s not difficult to verify which web browser for you. Just like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Opera, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are free for download. Therefore, of you got bored of Google Chrome, download Microsoft Edge and try it. Trying costs nothing except your time.

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