Long-Awaited Emoji Keyboard is Available for Users in the US Only

Although considered as a minor shortage, Emoji[1] keyboard has been expected by many Windows users and Microsoft has finally introduced it. With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the Emoji keyboard panel is accessible from any text input field by simply clicking WIN + . (period) or WIN + ; (semicolon). Emoji Keyboard Currently Supported in US only

Up until now, Windows 10 users were able to use the touch keyboard for inserting Emoji. However, that could barely be called a convenient way of using Emoji for those who use PCs and laptops, not the devices with a touch screen.[2]

Although the Fall Creators Update includes a quick Emoji keyboard shortcut, which is easy to access any time, those who are not inclined to using Emoji will never actually see it unless clicking the WIN + . shortcut.

The keyboard contains a standard range of Emoji, from people to activities. Additionally, Microsoft added a Microsoft-specific emoji, including ninjacat. Each category can be accesses on different tabs, which can be switched by clicking on the arrow keys.

People who have already tried the new feature disapprove of Microsoft’s decision to allow inserting one emoji at a time. That’s a little bit annoying because once you insert an emoji, the keyboard disappears and has to be reopened to insert another one.

However, one emoji at a time is not the worst part. Thousands of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users expressed concern why the Emoji keyboard is not available at all.

Missing Emoji Keyboard is Not a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bug

Many Windows 10 users who have freshly installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update expressed concern why Emoji Keyboard Shortcut or Emoji Picker is not working. One of the users wrote:

How to fix emoji keyboard, which doesn’t show up using a shortcut.
I tried using the Win + . shortcut to get the keyboard, but it won't show up. I have the latest Fall Creator's update installed.

While missing or not working emoji picker seems like a bug,[3] it’s actually not. At the moment, the Emoji keyboard is only available to users in the United States and those who have en_US set as their device’s primary language even outside the US.

Microsoft hasn’t yet officially explained why the Emoji keyboard is limited to users in the US, but one of the presumptions of such limitation is related to the language of Emoji names. Since each emoji name has to be translated into other languages due to the search feature.

Indeed, Microsoft will translate the emoji names in other languages in the near future. However, if your device is not located in the US or its primary language is other than en_US, you’ll have to wait until Microsoft releases an update supplemented with Emoji keyboard support.

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