Mac Washing Machine X9 review, free download

Mac Washing Machine X9 – a cleaner tool for macOS devices that speeds up the performance

Mac Washing Machine X9 reviewMac Washing Machine X9 is the software designed to speed the macOS processes by removing junk or duplicate files and programs that create slowdowns and frustration. This tool helps automatically organize the machine and ensures proper operations and performance. The system stores lots of useless files and can create issues with the performance because of it.

Language files, caches that are no longer in use, and other data can be found, and even removed with Mac Washing Machine X9 features and the computer works efficiently. This system cleaner can indicate files and other programs that are not useful or needed and help eliminate them. Your mac becomes cleaner and has more space for the things you actually need.

Due to the features of Mac Washing Machine X9 you can see files that are slowing down your computer and choose what files you want to reclaim with a few clicks of the program. You can customize the criteria for those files and program pieces that you can delete.

Mac Washing Machine X9 is compatible with macOS X 10.9 – macOS 10.15 and comes in English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish languages. It needs 1.5 BG hard disk space minimum and an internet connection is required for security updates. This is a smooth and powerful program that can identify unnecessary files and improve your computer's performance this way.

This macOS cleaner program is a product from Intego software creators. So you can easily access the Support line and search knowledge base when anything regarding the performance of the Washing Machine X9 tool and/ or other products happens or creates questions.

Name Mac Washing Machine X9
Languages supported English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish
System requirements macOS x 10.8 and up

Three main functions that help free up as much space as possible.

Clear interface of the program that is easily understandable.

Duplicate file finder.

Cons Limited functions with the trial version
Pricing The program license for a year can be purchased for $24.99-$55.99(general price per year for 1 device without any discounts). There are various offers going around and bundles, bigger subscriptions might come for a lower amount of payment per device for a year subscription

Users rely on devices for many reasons and purposes because we live in a time when computer systems serve as a regular necessity. The computer system is used for data browsing, web searching. Computers are used for storing media files, documents, music, other important data.

After such daily use and intense work, files and programs remain stored on the machine even when not used anymore. These extra files and software pieces can significantly slow down the machine, and cleanup tools like Mac Washing Machine X9 help users to repair these issues, system work, and clean up.

The scanning with Mac Washing Machine X9

Cleaning and file organizing features of Mac Washing Machine X9

Washing Machine is a macOS optimization tool that helps to maximize the needed space on the system. The application assists in saving the device from infections and other possible issues. You can remove duplicates, unused, or not needed files. Various tasks on the machine can get affected due to those useless data pieces, so you should benefit from a tool like this.

Even though some of the users claim that macOS is the one that needs no AV tools or system cleaning programs, you should be concerned about the stage of your device when there are sudden slowdowns or different issues with the performance. Mac Washing Machine helps to find particular issues with files, duplicates, program pieces, and other data, so those issues get repaired.

Mac Washing Machine X9 installation is smooth

With Mac Washing Machine X9, you can:

  • recover disk space when the tool determines files that are not used like cache or logs;
  • improve the performance when such file garbage gets cleaned;
  • identify duplicate files;
  • improve speed by removing junk;
  • arrange files and information in particular folders;
  • quickly access regularly used applications;
  • organize files and applications.

Mac Washing Machine X9 is a tool with a clear interface that is easy to use. The application has walkthrough instructions for scanning procedures and key item identification when installing the app for the first time. It is especially helpful when you don't know how to use the program. Users of various experience levels can properly use the app without having much trouble.

Three main Mac Washing Machine X9 performance-enhancing options

When you run Mac Washing Machine X9, you can select the function that is needed to be used. Reclaim option scans the device for unused or old files that clog up the disk or affect the performance differently. This part of the scanning takes 5 or more minutes. This option indicates junk files, logs, caches, trash files, and downloads. So you can select data that you want to delete from the system and select to clean them.

Reclaim feature

Duplicates option of the scan on the machine checks for files stored on the device that are duplicates of other pieces and can take up space, trigger hard drive, and other issues. You can view all the duplicate files when you click on the preview screen option at the interface's bottom. Then you delete them.

Mac Washing Machine X9 Duplicates feature

A third option is a neat tool called Organize that helps to keep files and applications organized. You can sort desktop files into folders, arrange apps on the system, and use the Smart Folders function that helps to tidy up your data. Washing Machine X9 creates various Applications, AirDrop, Desktop, Downloads folders, and keeps the system properly optimized.

Organize option

Pricing of the Mac Washing Machine X9

Since macOS popularity grows, various vulnerabilities and hacking tools get exploited. There are many things that Washing Machine X9 and other tools like this can take care of. Protection is needed, and developers of such software try to create updated programs. Intego software is known since 1997.

This macOS cleaner comes in bundles with other Intego products, too, so you can take care of the machine in all aspects. Mac Washing Machine X9 can come together with security-geared apps, an internet security program, or a bundle that includes data recovery options in case of a sudden crash.

Mac Washing Machine X9 helps to reclaim, replicate, and organize files on the machine, so you can solve issues, avoid damage, and even cyber infections. The tool even has a personal backup assist that helps back up your data and separate disk drive and keep personal and essential files safe.

Pricing of Mac Washing Machine X9 app

You can get this tool separately and choose the plan for your device or up to 5 devices and select to pay for a year or even two years of usage. Mac Washing Machine X9 can also be a part of Intego software bundle that comes with a few applications, including VirusBarrier, NetBarrier, Personal backup, and ContentBarrier, besides the cleaning and optimizing app.

You can find smaller bundles with Mac Washing Machine X9 and other tools included, the pricing varies due to the amount of these apps and the number of devices you want to protect. Mac Washing Machine X9 alone for one Mac device security per year costs around $39.99 without any discounts or bundle offers.

Final thoughts about Mac Washing Machine X9

Intego software has a lot to offer for macOS users, so you can block malware, keep the device safe, and even organize files with the help of Mac Washing Machine X9. This is a top-rated Mac tool that can help you avoid crashes and constant issues with the machine.

Also, with the appealing pricing plans and Intego packages, you can get additional tools and applications alongside the Mac Washing Machine X9 cleaner program. The trial version is not the best for all the functions, but you can use every function when the unrestricted license is purchased.

You have a 30-day-money back guarantee. If you need a refund when Mac Washing Machine X9 is not giving what you need, you email Intego support with a request, and you can get your money back in 10 to 14 days. Customer support is great, software developers and the team can answer your questions via live chat, and you can email them with all the concerns.

Overall, this is a smooth, powerful macOS tool that helps clean and organize all the machine files. You can easily identify and remove unnecessary files from the computer and use the smoothly working device. The majority of the plans cover up to three mac systems, so you can tidy up your machines. Some of the plans offer support for five separate macOS machines.

Intego – developers of the Mac Washing Machine X9 tool provide great consumer support via live chat, email, phone call, and FAQ sections. You can get all of your answers when you need them and a refund when the tool is not meeting up your expectations.

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