Microsoft exceeds all expectations with record Windows 10 upgrade downloads

Microsoft exceeds all expectations with record Windows 10 upgrade downloads snapshot

According to Yusuf Mehdi, an executive in the Windows and Devices Group, there are already 14 million devices running Windows 10 OS. The official statistics has been announced only two days after a Windows 10 upgrade has been released. Indeed, the numbers are outstanding. Nevertheless, the number of downloads is increasing thereby going beyond all expectations.

Nevertheless, Microsoft believes that it’s not the end and expect that the rate of Windows 10 users will be increasing in the next three years or even more. Although 14 million downloads in two days seems a huge amount, considering that the approximate number of devices running Windows OS all around the world is 1.5 billion, then it appears that the amount of Windows 10 download account for only 1% of all Windows-based machines.

Yusuf Mehdi has also noted that Microsoft has solved the issues related to the distribution process perfectly, especially when it appeared to be a massive phenomenon. The company has been praised for employing staging download model, extremely accurate planning and the entire execution. According to Mehdi, the biggest concern was related to Internet service providers (ISP) and content delivery networks (CDN), but luckily no perceptible distortions have been noticed. It has been noted that ISP withing the US has shown the best results while the others went smooth but with slight disorders. The statistics have also shown that the “total traffic amongst all CDNs delivering the update looks to have peaked at around 10Tbps.” Thus, keeping in mind that Windows 10 is and will be resulting in the record number of bits being delivered on the web, it seems that Microsoft has been expecting this and prepared for that carefully in advance. As Rayburn quoted an unnamed source, “Microsoft had reserved an unprecedented 40Tbps (terabits per second) capacity with various CDNs for Windows 10’s distribution” and predicted that the free Windows 10 upgrade could influence the Internet in general.

According to the experts, the release of Windows 10 and the results that is came up with was a result of the Microsoft’s promise set out over four years ago. Apparently the widespread opinion that Windows 8 version was a failure in attempting to make Windows convenient to both laptops and tablets prompted Microsoft to lend an ear and find out user’s needs in a quite short period of time. The result is obvious, Windows 10 scores 10x Window’s 8 firs-day sales and is already considered as a most well-equipped piece of software.

In fact, such a big number of downloads is not surprising if we have in mind that Windows 10 can be downloaded from the Internet for free. Such give away of OS has aroused various discussions among specialists; nevertheless, they come up with a decent explanation for that. As Tom Minelli stated, Windows is “less focused on grabbing dollars from vendors who sell new Windows devices, [it’s] much more interested in getting much more of their installed base over to Windows 10.”

Note: Lots of people are still waiting for the Windows 10 upgrade download to complete. Presumably thousands of people flooded Microsoft with the questions why they do not receive the on-screen notification that Windows 10 download has been successfully finished. This resulted in the Microsoft response on the official website where the ‘excited and enthusiastic’ Windows users are asked to be patient since, as already noted, Windows 10 upgrade is executed in phases in order to prevent disorders.

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