Opera browser rolls out a Cryptocurrency Mining Protection feature

Opera is a web browser undervalued for no reason

Opera web browser features inbuilt protection against crypto hijack

Opera is a web browser compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. Initially built on Presto layout engine, currently features a Blink layout engine and runs on FreeBSD.[1]

It's circulating on the Internet since 1994. Initially released as a commercial web browser started its career as a free app in 2005. Since then its developer, Opera Software, has received 13 awards.

Nevertheless, it has never taken place among top three web browsers on the market. Despite short spikes in popularity, it has always been near, but still behind the backs of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Many users cannot understand why it struggles so much to keep its way on the market despite being feature-rich and fast alternative to Google Chrome and other popular browsers.[2]

Answer is simple: browser giants are difficult to beat

Opera is a great alternative to most of the other web browsers. It shares much of Chrome's DNA and is build on Chromium engine as well. Besides, it features a hybrid search bar, speed, and simplicity.

The core difference between the two is related to extensions. While most of the Chrome's personalized features are available through the use of Chrome's extensions, Opera has a quite extensive inbuilt features list, including Stash, speed dial menu, VPN, ad-blocker, and more. Nevertheless, because of being actively promoted or other reasons, the bulk of netizens prefer using Google Chrome.[3]

Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, for instance, are also tough nuts to crash since both of them are dependent from Microsoft, which spends a lot of time to improve company's browsers and spread good marketing campaigns. In terms of website's load time, the functionality of ad-blocker, Opera is a leader undoubtedly, while the convenience of the design and other features depends on the preferences of each user.

The first browser that protects the system from cryptocurrency hijacking

The latest Opera's version is 52. It has been released in March 2018 and attracted the attention of the experts. The inbuilt Ad-blocker turns to be an excellent solution for those who hate online ads.

Opera has been one step ahead regarding ad blocking since 2016. Although not a novelty, the current ad-blocker released in version 52 provides a significant increase in page loading (16%) in comparison to its older versions, Chrome, and other popular browsers.[4]

However, intrusive pop-ups, banners or interstitial ads are being substituted with malicious ads infected with crypto-mining malware. Monero, Bitcoin, and other miners are getting more and more aggressive some of which can cause system's crash by eating up CPU and GPU resources too heavily.

Opera's team developed a NoCoin Cryptocurrency Mining Protection[5] to protect its users and represented it as one of the Opera web browser's security features.

Data saving and turbo mode are also among the features that make Opera probably the fastest web browser currently available on the market. As explained by the developer, the browser. “

shrink[s] the web content your device receives to a fraction of its original size. You get all the videos, photos and text that you normally would, but you eat up fewer data and load pages faster.

Thus, users of Opera will shoot two birds with one stone as they will be able to experience fast, ad-free browsing experience, and protect the system from being hijacked by crypto-malware.

The renewed web browser will also provide its users with a more convenient way to browse the web with several tabs opened at the same time. By clicking Ctrl (or ⌘ on Macs) and the tab needed, users will be able to reload, close, pin, mute or save to Speed Dial.

Last, but not least, Opera improved its animations. Instead of typical error messages regarding DNS errors and other problems that prevent the website from being loaded, Opera presents alien-related animations.

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