Three Square Market is the First in the US to Introduce Workplace Microchipping

From Sweden to Wisconsin: microchipping trend comes to the US

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Back in 2015, the first ones to start microchipping employees were the Europeans, in particular, a Swedish company called Epicenter based in the heart of the country, Stockholm.

From that point on, more companies were hooked on the idea of making their employees lives easier by implanting a tiny piece of hardware into their bodies.

It is not as bad as it sounds. The device is merely the size of a rice grain, and it takes just a few seconds to insert it between the person’s thumb and an index finger.

After this easy surgical procedure, employees will no longer need to swipe cards to open doors or to call an elevator. Even your wallet will become redundant because after you get chipped, you will be able to grab some quick snack from a vending machine with a touch of a hand.

Three Square Market is the first US company to offer these services to their employees, and it seems that this idea is more than welcomed. Around 50 or 85 company employees are already proud owners of these 300 dollar worth devices and are happy to be a part of what could be all of our future.

Project initiator debunks tracking fears

Three Square Market shut down the skeptics — we are not stepping into an Orwellian world. Microchips do not have a GPS functionality installed in them, so the employees do not know where you are hanging about or what you are doing.

On the other hand, the potential of these minuscule objects is huge. They may help track health, monitor employees’ working hours and serve a variety of other purposes.

Convenience is the key

Microchips can be removed from the body nearly as easy as they are injected. Just imagine it as taking out a splinter.

The technology is made to serve people and has a lot of space to improve and develop. At the end of the day, you always have a choice whether to chip yourself or not.

As more and more companies turn to this new technology, we can the witness future unfold in front of us.

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