What to choose: Windows 10 or OS X?

Microsoft has just launched Windows 10 which is stuffed with all sorts of new and exciting features. The question is, however, will these features be enough to lure OS X users back to the realm of Windows?

New Windows 10 is reported to feature some great improvements which are perfect for multitaskers. Moreover, its Start menu has become it old self (with certain improvements, of course) after the previous akwardness that annoyed Windows users in Windows 8. Therefore, Windows 10 combines the best classical features with some exciting new qualities.

At the moment, functions introduced by Apple and Microsoft are usually not that different. They sometimes simultaneosly catch up on each other at some features and outrun in each in others. However, while Microsoft has really outdone itself this time, there are some drawbacks that you should also consider.

Windows 10 great for multitasking

First of all, people are really happy about the return of the left-bottom-corner Start menu as opposed to its full-screen counterpart in Windows 8. However, the Task View is even better. It shows small snapshots of all windows and programs that are opened on your Windows at the moment.

At this, it catches up with Mac which has had this feature for a while. It has been called Exposé (its current name is Mission Control). Task View can be accessed by swiping three fingers on a trackpad or you can use the keyboard shortcut (Windows key + Tab).

What makes Windows 10 great is also the Snap function which enables you to arrange up to four windows on one screen in a convienient way. This is such a nice feature Apple will include it on its next version of OS X and iOS for the iPad. However, Microsoft's version is better as it employs a really neat use of keyboard shortcuts.

Another great thing on Windows 10 is the use of virtual desktops so you can, for example, divide the desktop space depending on the nature of the task you are using it for (e.g. Separate zones for playing and working). Mac has had this feature for 6 years and Windows 10 has finally implemented it as well.

Windows 10 and its new functions

A new feature borrowed from the Windows Phone is Cortana which is a cousin of Siri. However, it works in a slightly different way. It predicts what you might need to know on the basis of your emails, calendar and Internet searches. However, it can access the Microsoft mail app and not Outlook.
On of its best functions is launching apps and performing quick searches. Cortana provides responses and answers to questions, if you mention her name. She's good at web searches. However, it includes only Bing.

Siri, on the other hand, has not been introduced to Mac yet. However, a feature in the upcoming OS X will let you perform internet searches right on the desktop using the feature called Spotlight.

Windows 10 and some problems it has

Unfortunately, we also have to admit that some of the features are not that striking. While OneNote (designed for note-taking is rather good), others have plenty of room for improvement.

For starters, Mail app is rather inferior to the mail app that Microsoft designed for iPhone. The Photos app is also rather dissapointing as it does not have many features as opposed to Google Photos or Apple Photos. We also doubt that Groove Music will be launched by you that often and there are some problems with the integration of Microsoft Office, if you are using it on Mac. Moreover, it is sometimes more problematic to find good third-party apps to install on Windows 10 that would work as well as their equivalents on Mac (e.g. Twitter app or a good or a cheap photo editor).

The new Microsoft's browser, Edge, while having some nice perks (like automatically showing phone numbers, addresses and reviews of restaurants and retailer sites), is haunted by frequently-occuring performance issues.

Finally, if you have an iPhone and a Windows PC, there are certain features that you will not be able to access on your computer.

Hope this has been of help. Consider the pros and cons of both OS and choose wisely.

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