Windows 10 Creators Update Problems & Issues Being Reported

current Creators Update bugs

On April 11th Microsoft has officially rolled out its second massive update for Windows 10. The first huge update, known as Anniversary Update, was released last autumn and basically focused on Windows 10 design, personalization, Microsoft Edge, new Start Menu, Cortana, and other novelties. The Creators Update (a.k.a. Redstone 2) is more about setting users’ creativity free. While Anniversary Update represented a handful of innovations that people were not used to, Creators Update rather addresses the already existent features in a way to empower the creativity of each Windows 10 user. For example, Creators Update will present a good-old Paint supplemented with a 3D modeling technology, Settings app with a separate Game Bar, Windows Store with e-books library, and much more. Additionally, the digital assistant Cortana is going to surprise its users with personalized search, Microsoft Edge with speed, and Windows Defender with increased protection.

While early Creators Update adopters have already indicated its advantages, including speedy installation, fast search, more responsive Taskbar, Action Center and Start menu if compared to Anniversary Update, enhanced Gaming Mode, the official Microsoft’s website is flickering with the negative feedbacks, so let’s take a quick look at what Creators Update broke.

  • Black screen during installation. If you are encountering a black screen when running the upgrade for more than 10 minutes, perform a forced shutdown to enable the “Installing apps/preparing your PC/We’ve got updates for you” screen.
  • Insufficient storage after the upgrade. It was noticed that the Creators Update sucks up the memory, therefore, causing system’s freeze. Due to this bug, many of easy adopters already rolled back to the Anniversary Update.
  • Creators Update incompatibility with Dolby Digital Live and DTS Interactive. In many cases, the Creators Update OS, more specifically the Realtek High Definition Audio driver, did not concert with Dolby Digital Live and DTS Surround. Consequently, the update should have been rolled back due to the lack of the fixes for this bug.
  • Broken Internet connection. After the upgrade, models fail to establish any Internet connection and bring the Error Code 633. In this case, it’s advisable to reinstall modem drivers.
  • The Error Code 0x80070070 and 0x8007000d during the upgrade using Update Assistant. This error means that the update can’t be installed due to insufficient disk space.
  • “Can’t connect to the sync service” error while syncing user data. No fixes yet.
  • Unresponsive Microsoft Edge.
  • Broke videos in Wallpaper engine.
  • Lasting high CPU usage.

These are the most common bugs that Windows 10 users encountered during or after the installation of Creators Update. If you did not install the update yet, do not start worrying because for most of the people everything worked fine. However, it’s worth knowing what’s broken in the Creators Update before running into any issue mentioned. In case you can’t install the update due any reason, beware that Microsoft is working hard on any Creators Update bug and the fixes will come up soon.

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