Windows 10 fall update paused because of deleted users’ files

Windows 10 fall update stopped by Microsoft after important users' files are deleted from their systems

Windows 10 fall update caused deleted filesAfter the installation of Windows 10 update version, 1809 people complained about suddenly deleted data.

After numerous people have complained about losing their files right after downloading the latest Windows update, Microsoft decided to pause its distribution. It seems that users lost their documents, music, photos, and entire folders after downloading the so-called Windows 10 October 2018 update (version 1809). Microsoft has also asked people to use their devices as little as possible:[1]

If you have manually checked for updates and believe you have an issue with missing files after an update, please minimise your use of the affected device.

All this began when people started expressing their complaints in various forums.[2] According to them, they discovered that their files from various non-system folders got deleted. At least 470 people have reported about these issues, including this user:

Last night I updated to 1809, and it all went smoothly, but then I find that all my files in Documents are deleted. Gone. Poof. This included many crucial documents and financial info.

Unfortunately, Windows has no explanation on why this update caused these issues and when it will be fixed. The company encourages people to contact the support if their files were removed from Documents folder. Otherwise, the update hasn't caused any damage.

Not the first issue with Windows updates

Dona Sarkar, the head of the Windows Insider Programme, has stated[3] in her tweets that Microsoft support has solutions for affected customers. This is why people have been suggested to contact the support line. The 1809 Windows update is no longer available for manual download

Unfortunately, when searched further, Windows update issues have appeared back in 2015. However, the latest Windows 10 update has received the most attention. More than 50% of users who downloaded Windows 10 April 2018 update have reported about problems.[4]

Ways to recover your files after Windows 10 update version 1809

Due to this bug, many people have lost their important files, including financial documents. Microsoft suspended this update but there is no explanation or fix. As mentioned before, people from Microsoft encourage customers to contact the support line immediately after noticing deleted data.

According to one user, Microsoft support offers the victims to use System Restore requiring creating a restore point before the 1809 upgrade.[5] However, you can also try using data recovery software before reaching out to Microsoft support to find and recover at least some of your deleted files. However, there are hundreds of affected users worldwide, so we can provide no guarantee that this method will help for every of them.[6]

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