A first look at Windows 10 Mobile revealed that it's missing crucial apps

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A first look at Windows 10 Mobile revealed that it's missing crucial apps snapshot

Microsoft is planning and still working on a Windows 10 mobile platform which is scheduled for this fall. A couple of weeks ago beta testers have been delighted with a chance to look in Windows 10 Mobile preview. Despite many changes to improve the design, functionality, custom settings and other feature, it seems that it still has a number of major issues most of which are related to apps. Some experts have shared early predictions that Windows 10 Mobile is not considered to become the major player since it can’t offer new feature if compared to Android or iPhone giants. Even more, it seems to be lacking crucial apps without which the majority of mobile device users cannot image the day. 

According to the Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi, at the moment there are around 1.5 billions of devices running Windows OS. The company expects that during the two-year period the number of Windows 10 OS users will reach 1 billion. OS for PCs is already treated as one of the best. However, the same is not very likely to happen with Windows 10 Mobile platform. 

Strong sides of Windows 10 Mobile

Actually, if we compare Windows 10 Mobile with Windows Phone 8.1, it does add a different flavor to the design and makes it all look a bit modern and not so boring. General design of Windows 10 Mobile are both convenience and cool-looking. The tiles are transparent so you can set a background picture and it will be visible (at least partially). By the way, the level of transparency of the tiles can be adjusted, as well as their size (three diverse sizes) and color (50 colors). The organization of the tiles may sometimes recall the one of the desktop, which we consider as an advantage. 

The Settings menu has been complemented with some useful options, which can be accessed within a couple of taps. Moreover, some tiles serve as widgets. For example, you don’t have to click on the tiles to check or update weather forecasts, you don’t need to access a calendar to find out today’s date, and so on.

Sounds management has been built in a very user-friendly manner. At the moment of writing, Android is not offering a drop-down menu for adjusting ring and notification tones while Windows 10 Mobile is already offering that. Moreover, with this OS on your mobile device you will be able to take control over the song that is playing at the moment, which is pretty useful.

In comparison to the majority of Android phones, Windows 10 Mobile phones will receive updates much faster and smoother.

A new section ‘Download Tank’ will be presented. It’s a kind of a folder where all recently downloaded apps can be found in order to keep you in touch with the apps that you are not yet familiar with. Isn’t that clever?

One of the main targets of Microsoft when designing Windows Mobile 10 has been universal app collaboration. It seems that the company reached the goal quite successfully. It seems that all Microsoft Windows devices are interconnecting and sync altogether successfully.

All in all, it seems that Windows 10 Mobile platform seems to be going to the right direction and seems to be quite a lot advanced if we compare with the earlier Windows Phone platforms. If you are a Microsoft fan, you may like this new platform a lot since it’s deemed at connecting OS with the other Microsoft products. Unfortunately, as we have already mentioned, due to some major issues, it’s not very likely to beat Android or iPhone.

Major disadvantages of Windows 10 Mobile

While we had much to say about positive features of Windows 10 Mobile, we have also much to say about its downsides. Even though design makes it more pleasing to use, probably no one will dare to argue that apps are the most important aspect that makes your device really useful. Thus, although Windows 10 Mobile app store offers the most popular apps, inducing Facebook, Twitter, The New York Times, Amazon, Cabdy Crushm Wheather Channel, etc. once you install this Windows platform you will immediately miss some crucial apps related to Google. Why is that so? Because Google has decided not to collaborate with Windows Phone and do no supply Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Gmail, Google Now, Google Drive, and other Google-related apps. Even more, such widely used apps as Amazon Music, Prime Instant Video, Periscope, HBO Go, TuneIn Radio and Out of Milk are also not included. Thus, are you still considering to use Windows 10 Mobile? Probably not…

In addition to that, it seems that even the apps that are present on Windows 10 Mobile apps store, including Facebook, Twitter, The New York Times, Amazon, Candy Crush, Wheather Channel, etc. are not updated in years, which is very disappointing since the apps not longer comfortable to use. 

Moreover, Menu button seems to be displaced inappropriately. In order to see the layout, Microsoft is going to ask users to scroll either left or right; however, the function is not supported by a bunch of popular apps, including Amazon, Yelp and so on.

Thus, although we have listed lots of positive feature that Windows 10 Mobile is going to offer, most of them are related to the design, customizability, and advanced functionality which, of course, is great. However, it seems that Windows has failed with the selection and adaptation of apps, which is why it’s not very likely to get to the top.

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