A new app developed to stop Windows 10 from tracking you

Windows 10 has just been released for a week and it has already stirred controversy related to the amount of information it tracks.

It has been revealed that Windows 10 tracks information like, for example, your location or data about you. It also shares Wi-Fi passwords with your friends.

There have been various opinions flying around. Some people say that Microsoft is disrespectful towards its users and it does not respect their privacy. Others do not understand what’s the big deal. However, most of the negative feedback is related to the fact than when installing Windows 10, more explicit options could be presented and the amount of information reported back to Microsoft would not be that alarmingly large.

It is still possible to deselect various options related to tracking at the setup. You may also go to the settings on your Windows 10 and deselect other options that you may find threatening to your privacy once the installation is over.

However, everything can be done with one free and simple open-source app that will help you to recover your privacy.

This app has been developed by Syed Qazi. He has stated that while some of the fear related to Windows 10 is unjustified, but a lot of it actually is, which has motivated him to create this app.

This app is called “Disable Windows 10 Tracking”. It disables telemetry collection, certain Windows features and tracking-related services. You can also inspect the code on GitHub.

Qazi claims that this add has first been created as a Python script. It has later acquired its present form and became quite famouse on Reddit. Qazi is planning to create an app that would be able to disable most of the tracking on the operating systems or even all of it.

Of course, the app has just been developed and it is constantly changing. There is no doubt that if there is demand, it will be developed further.

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