I am almost certain my emails and phone numbers have been hacked. I get these texts frequently. My Google Play store says I need to change to the United States Play Store, even though I did about 3 months ago. An email I received about login Security code info for my account had: Czech (down arrow) English(down arrow) View original message Turn of for: Czech X

It was basically that it had already translated it from czech to english, so I obviously turned it off.

Seems like I am having to reset passwords a lot and when I get the Security Code Text or Email, before I am able to finish the process, I get another message saying thank you for resetting your password. Its every single time. It seems as though when I go to a webpage as it starts to load it “blinks” so to speak and then strts loading again, and the site seems like its a cheap knock off. Font is different logos in different places, its just weird. I am not a paranoid weirdo I promise. This has been going on for some time. Please help if you can. If it costs I can not afford it, especially right now so please just say You can not help at this time.