Suspicious DCB_ASSOCIATION messages in my phone


I am almost certain my emails and phone numbers have been hacked. I get these texts frequently. My Google Play store says I need to change to the United States Play Store, even though I did about 3 months ago. An email I received about login Security code info for my account had: Czech (down arrow) English(down arrow) View original message Turn of for: Czech X

It was basically that it had already translated it from czech to english, so I obviously turned it off.

Seems like I am having to reset passwords a lot and when I get the Security Code Text or Email, before I am able to finish the process, I get another message saying thank you for resetting your password. Its every single time. It seems as though when I go to a webpage as it starts to load it “blinks” so to speak and then strts loading again, and the site seems like its a cheap knock off. Font is different logos in different places, its just weird. I am not a paranoid weirdo I promise. This has been going on for some time. Please help if you can. If it costs I can not afford it, especially right now so please just say You can not help at this time.

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    4-7-20 says:

    First of all, please check out an article we wrote a while ago about the DCB_ASSOCIATION text - it explains how the system works and how it correlates with Google Play.

    What you are describing, however, definitely seems like an account/email hijack, and you should fix this as soon as possible. First of all, we would like you to reset your Google password on an OFFICIAL website, without using any links. If your phone is compromised, it may be sending you to spoofed websites, catching your password change each time.

    Therefore, please connect to a different machine - either a phone or a computer - and fo to the following site: In there, sign in and reset your password.

    Next, you should scan your phone with reputable anti-malware software to ensure no malware is present on it.

    Finally, this might have nothing to do with malware, and you might have subscribed to some service unwillingly. For example, clicking on a malicious ad is sometimes enough to do so. Since this happens through Google Play, it can be traced back to which app is charging you. However, you need to contact your network provider via the phone and explain the situation. They will most certainly be able to help you.

    Good luck,
    Ugetfix team

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