How to fix win 10 error 0x080131500?

fix win 10 error 080131500

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    1-3-20 says:

    0x80131500 is one of many Windows store (now known as Microsoft Store) errors that users encounter, and it may prevent users from updating the installed apps, or downloading new ones.

    However, there are several fixes available that would be able to stop 0x80131500 error from appearing. You can perform the following actions:

    1. Clean Windows Store cache
    2. Reset your regional settings
    3. Create a new user account (you can find more details here)

    You can also run Windows apps troubleshooter by following these steps:

    1. Right-click on Start and pick Settings
    2. Select Update & Security
    3. On the left pane, click Troubleshoot
    4. Scroll down to locate Windows Store Apps
    5. Click Run the troubleshooter

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