Gabriel, I want to thank you for your brilliant troubleshooting

Gabriel, I want to thank you for your brilliant troubleshooting. I had an error that are mentioned in the Q/A that involved an ERROR code unauthorized security certificate. It was in the Bitdefender Antivirus/Spam/malware program. It was causing the ERROR in the Protection area. I turned it off then I was able to access the site I needed. Then turn the protection back on and that Web Page worked again. Thanks,
Carl S.

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    Carl Stewart says:
    Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is what I use and it has been great until I had an issue with a banking website that gave an error code about secure site. With your help in the Q and A you had already answered a fix for Bitdefender and I tried that and it work.
    Thanks again,
    Carl S
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    1-12-18 says:
    Dear Carl,
    We are glad to hear that the error fixes provided on website helped you to resolve your PC's problems. You can contact us any time and we'll try to do our best to assist you with most PC-related problems.

    Regards, team

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