How to block referral spam in Google Analytics?

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Issue: How to block referral spam in Google Analytics?

Hi! I’ve noticed a huge traffic coming from in my Google Analytics reports. It’s strange because nobody has visited my site from this domain before, but now, all of a sudden, the traffic jumped up and reached a 100% bounce rate. Is it normal?

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If the traffic to your website suddenly increases in an unusual manner and the main traffic source is, it means that your Google Analytics account has been polluted with spam. is yet another fake referral domain, which is used by third-party marketing specialists who render blackhat SEO and targets Google Analytics accounts to trick people into visiting questionable URLs, therefore, increasing their traffic and earning money. Google Analytics referral spam is a relatively new phenomenon, which has been developed by Vitaly Popov. The developer claims that referral spamming is not a criminal behavior as it does not harm anyone and anything, except distorts the reports of GA in a way to make people visit particular domains. He refers to such activity as a “creative marketing”. On the one hand, referral spam is not malicious as it does not negatively affect the actual traffic data, page rank, and other important indexes. On the other hand, referral spam messes up the statistics and prevents the owner/manager of the website from getting the exact layout of the website’s condition. Consequently, the longer the block of referral spam is suspended, the more distorted the stats become. Having in mind that the owners of new and medium websites manage them on the basis of GA stats, it’s very important to block Ghost Traffic to see the actual traffic.

How to terminate referral spam on Google Analytics?

Hundreds of new sessions, almost 100% bounce rate, and other high indexes from are fake. That’s a referral spam, which is implemented using spamdexing technique. Unlike bot spam, referral spam targets Google Analytics directly, meaning that there are no actual visitors from this domain on your site. To remove fake referral domain from Google Analytics, you should exclude it from the valid hostnames, alter HTTP settings, and then change language filter. If you have tried to access URL, then you should also check the system with a professional antivirus, such as Reimage because the content of this URL is in question.

Step 1. Change Filter Pattern

  1. Go to Admin -> All Filters. Then go to New Filter and type in the Filter Name box.
  2. Select Custom Filter Type, then choose Campaign Source from the drop-down Filter Field menu.
  3. Eventually, in the Filter Pattern field, enter and click Save.

Step 2. Alter HTTP settings

  1. Sign in to cPanel account, navigate to File Manager section and click on the checkbox called Document Root for -> your website.
  2. Click on Show Hidden Files and click Go. Once you locate the .htacess file, right-click on it and choose Code Edit. Enter the following text ant click Save Changes.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER}
RewriteRule .* – [F]

Step 3. Modify Language filter

  1. In your Analytics account, go to Admin Tab.
  2. Click VIEW, select Filters and then hit +Add Filter.
  3. In the Filter Name box, type: Language Spam.
  4. In the Filter Pattern box, type in: \s[^\s]*\s|.{15,}|\.|,
  5. Click on Verify this Filter, then Save.
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