How to Disable Omnibox in Chrome?



Issue: How to Disable Omnibox in Chrome?

How can I disable omnibox in Google Chrome? I do not like these autocomplete suggestions!

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Omnibox in Chrome has been called as one of the most significant and convenient features of the web browser; however, some users find it annoying and disturbing. Google Chrome by default has enabled omnibox which is a combined search box and URL bar. Thus, you can navigate the web and look for the information quickly, without having to access Google or another search provider first. Once you start typing a search term, Chrome delivers suggestions and autocompletes queries. Once you click on the particular suggestion, you are redirected to a website or Google search results page. These suggestions are based on three types of information: your browsing history, bookmarked items, suggestions and URL prediction provided by Google. These predictions are made based on your entered keywords, previous search queries and Trending stories (what other people are looking for).

There are two main reasons why people decide to disable omnibox in Chrome. One of them is related to possible privacy-related issues which have appeared as soon as this feature was released in 2008. Google may collect and store logs; thus, if you want to hide your terms from the search giant, you need to disable omnibox and use another search provider. Another reason is related to Chrome’s ability to synchronize connected devices. Chrome remembers omnibox history and uses it across other devices. Thus, if you searched for particular information from your laptop, you will find the same keywords when you open Chrome on your smartphone.

How to Disable Omnibox in Chrome?

If you are concerned about your privacy or find this feature annoying, you need to take three simple steps in order to disable omnibox in Chrome. These steps require turning off omnibox history sync, deleting history and autofill form data, and deleting search suggestions and URL prediction. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Turn off Omnibox History sync:

If Omnibox History sync has been enabled on Chrome, you need to turn it off. From the main menu of Chrome access Settings -> Sing in -> go to Advanced sync settings and uncheck this box. Click OK to save changes.

Step 2. Delete History and Autofill Data:

1. Open Chrome’s settings and scroll down till you see a link “Show advanced settings…”. Click on it.

2. You will see a Privacy section and a “Clear browsing data…” button; click on it.

Also, you can open this window by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys together.

3. Click a button near “Obliterate the following items” and from the drop-down list choose “the beginning of time” option.

4. Below check “Clear Browsing data” and “Clear saved Autofill form data” options.

5. When these entries are selected, click on “Clear browsing data” button.

Step 3. Delete search suggestions and URL prediction:

1. Go to the Settings page of Google Chrome. Open the Settings page from the main menu.

2. Scroll down until you see “Show advanced settings…” link. Click on it.

3. You will see a “Privacy” section. Find “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar” and deselect it.

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