How to fix “Can’t connect to server/server not found” on Safari?

How to fix/can’t connect to server/server not found for safari

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    4-7-20 says:

    While in many cases web browser errors like Safari's "Can’t establish a secure connection" can be related to just a particular website, in some cases, the reason for it can be related to users' configuration settings on their Macs.

    Therefore, the fix for "Can’t establish a secure connection" error depends on multiple factors. If you encounter this problem on one webpage that you are trying to access, it means that the server is experiencing difficulties, and you should wait sometime before trying to connect again.

    However, if the problem is universal, you should apply the following fixes:

    1. Adjust DNS settings
    2. Check site's certificate
    3. Disable Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

    To find precise instructions on how to perform these fixes, please visit the following article.

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