How to fix critical_process_died on windows 10?

how to fix critical_process_died windows 10? i cant load windows in regular or safe mode,
nor do i have a windows reinstall disk or usb since its a special programs ran with the system

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    8-23-17 says:
    Dear user,

    You have several options to try. Firstly, click on the Power button and before Windows attempts to load or display the error message, tap on F2 or F8 several times. If you can manage to enter BIOS settings, select Advanced. Then, enter Peripherals> SATA. Change from AHCI to IDE. Now you should be able to access Startup Settings and perform an Automatic repair.Try overwriting Windows. Download Window Media Creation Tool from the official Microisoft website and place it on a USB or a DVD disc. The tool will help you place the .iso file. Then plug in the USB with the file and try to reinstall Windows.
    If this method does not work either, take the hard drive out and place it on another computer. The damaged element in hardware may cause the problem.

    Ugetfix team

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