How to Fix Error Code 0x8009002d When Signing in to Windows 10 Account?

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Issue: How to Fix Error Code 0x8009002d When Signing in to Windows 10 Account?

For a past two weeks, I received an error code SRX13743353761d after waking the system from the sleep of restart. The error says that something went wrong and that the system needs a reboot, so I did the reboot. After that, everything goes OK up until the next reboot or sleep mode. Nevertheless, today I have encountered a different error, which is error code 0x8009002d. It showed up immediately when I turned my PC on. This new error appears only after booting my PC, but it’s rather annoying cos I have to reboot it the system again and wait until it loads. Is there something I could do to fix that?

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Solved Answer


The Error Code 0x8009002d usually strikes Windows 10 users unexpectedly. It’s not one of those fatal errors that force the system to free or crash, but it’s quite annoying because the only way to work around it and start using the PC normally is to initiate a system reboot. Sometimes, people need to initiate several rounds of Windows 10 reboots to make 0x8009002d error gone. Windows experts have already identified the key Windows 10 system’s problems that trigger various error pop-ups, BSOD, GSOD, crashes, and other malfunctions. For example, driver failure takes the leading position among the error culprits, while the corrupted registry entries, third-party anti-virus, missing/damaged system files are considered to be on “top” of the list as well. However, the 0x8009002d error code is not that kind. This bug is related to the PIN password that people often use to protect their PC from unauthorized access. In most of the cases, the bug mentioned above check is encountered while the PC’s owner turns on the system or wakes it up from the sleep mode and tries to sign in to the Windows 10 account using a PIN password. Therefore, experts recommend you to fix the 0x8009002d error by turning the sleep mode off and resetting PIN password.

How to Fix Error Code 0x8009002d on Windows 10?

As we have already pointed out, the culprit of the error 0x8009002d is related to the PIN password that you are using to unlock your PC. Thus, to fix it, you should first reboot the system and make the error code gone from your screen. A system reboot will help, though only temporarily. It’s only a matter of time when you will get the 0x8009002d error again. Therefore, as soon as you get access to your PC’s desktop, you should turn off the Sleep Mode and reset the PIN password.

  1. Right-click Win key and select Control Panel.
  2. Select Power Options from the list and click the Change plan settings.
  3. Find the Put the computer to sleep option, expand the drop-down menu and select Never.
  4. Then click Save changes.
  5. To restart your PIN password, click Win key + I and open Accounts.
  6. Select Sign-in options and find the PIN section.
  7. Select Remove.
  8. You should receive a confirmation window, which double checks if you are sure to remove PIN password. If you are, click Remove.
  9. Finally, enter your account password to approve your account and press OK.
  10. After that, find Add button under PIN section and click it.
  11. Enter your new PIN password twice and press OK. That’s it! Not the error 0x8009002d when trying to log in to your Windows 10 account should be gone.

Please let us know if these steps have helped you to get rid of the 0x8009002d bug. If you are still encountering the problem, we will try to figure out what other solutions might be applied for fixing this problem.
By the way, at the beginning of this post, we have indicated the main problems that tend to cause various Windows 10 errors, for example, old drivers, damaged Windows registry entries, or system files. Keep in mind that a proper system maintenance prevents those issues, which is why we highly recommend installing a PC optimization tool, for example, Reimage.

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