How to fix SD Card That is Not Showing Up on Windows?

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Issue: How to fix SD Card That is Not Showing Up on Windows?

Hello. I have just removed the SD Card from my Olympus camera and inserted it into my computer’s card reader but, instead of displaying the usual “AutoPlay” notification where I normally click “Open device to view files,” I see nothing. What could have possibly happened? I cannot see the memory card in My Computer next to Devices with Removable Storage. Why is my SD card not showing up and how to fix it?

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Solved Answer

SD Cards are extremely popular memory cards that are mostly used in portable devices. Whether it is a phone, camera, or another computer – SD cards can be used to transfer files between them. In addition, these memory cards can be used to extend the internal memory capacity of the device, which is also an extremely useful option.

Fix SD Card That is Not Showing Up on Windows

However, the device you want to transfer files from the card to may fail to recognize the SD card and show no notification at all. In such cases, users tend to remove and insert the card into card reader again, although this method doesn’t always work.

If the SD Card isn’t showing up in My Computer/This PC folder either, it means that there is a problem identifying your memory card. Consequently, it becomes impossible to move files from/to the card. However, you shouldn’t rush to format it thinking that it is faulty – you will lose all your files stored on it! Instead, try these easy methods described in detail by our experts.

SD Card Not Showing Up Solutions

Technique 1. Make sure your memory card’s lock switch is in the “Unlock” position

  1. If possible, eject the SD Card via Safe Removal tool (you can find it in Windows taskbar – its icon looks like USB plug with a white tick sign in a green circle). Find the SD Card here, right-click it and choose Eject. If it is not showing up, just remove the SD Card.
  2. Now, look at your SD Card. In fact, look at the side of it – you should see a mini switch. Make sure that it is in Unlock position. If it is not, push it to the right position.
  3. Try to insert the SD Card into your computer again.

Technique 2. Clean the SD Card and the reader

Sometimes, the computer can fail to identify the SD card due to bad contact between the card and the card reader. You can try to fix the problem by cleaning both of them. Use a dry cloth or just strongly blow to remove the dust from them and then insert the card again. Check to see if the computer recognizes it now.

Technique 3. Modify Write Policy

  1. Press down Windows key and R.
  2. In the Run window, type regedit.exe and press Enter.
  3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > StorageDevicePolicies. If the Control folder doesn’t contain StorageDevicePolicies folder, you will need to create it yourself.
  4. To create it, right-click on Control > New > Key and paste this line to name it: StorageDevicePolicies.
  5. Right-click on the newly created folder and click New > Choose DWORD (32-bit) value for it. Name this key WriteProject.
  6. Double-click the key to open it and set Value data to 0. Press OK.
  7. Reinsert the SD Card and see if it works.

Technique 4. Disable Write-Protection

  1. Press down Windows key + R at once and type devmgmt.msc into the Open: field. Click OK.
  2. Open Disk Drives, find your SD Card, right-click on its name and go to Properties.
  3. Here, check the option related to write privacy. If possible, turn off write protection and save by clicking OK. If you can’t find the option in the General tab, make sure you check the Policies one.

Technique 5. Make sure your Card Reader/Adapter is functioning properly

  • If your SD Card gets recognized by every other computer but yours, check if the problem isn’t related to your card reader. Try changing it and see if another reader reads your card properly.
  • A similar issue can be associated with the Card Adapter you use. If you use an adapter for your card, try changing it with another one (borrow one from your friend or buy a new one) and try inserting the card again.

If none of the described techniques failed to help you with the issue, try using an automatic error-solving tool such as Reimage or RegCure Pro.

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