How to optimize my gaming PC?

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Issue: How to optimize my gaming PC?

I mainly use my PC for gaming, but lately it has started lagging or even crashing which is very annoying to say the least. Is there a way to boost computer performance or do I have to reinstall Windows?

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First of all, you have to answer yourself honestly: do you take proper care of your PC? It is rather naïve to expect for something to run flawlessly without any maintenance. Therefore, we will offer you six tips that will definitely boost your computer’s performance and enhance your gaming experience.

1. Turn off unnecessary programs

When you turn on your computer, it starts not only Windows, but all sorts of programs as well. These programs are usually unnecessary for the functioning of your computer and your computer can successfully run without them. Therefore, turn them off and speed up your computer’s performance.

Press Windows key and letter R on the keyboard. Type “msconfig” and press OK. Check Hide all Microsoft services on the Services tab and press “Disable all”. Restart your system and third-party applications will not be launched at the startup any longer.

2. Turn off all animations and 3D effects

There are animations used for minimizing and maximizing windows and fading menus used by Windows. However, if you can easily live without this nice yet performance-diminish quirk, disable them by right-clicking on Computer and selecting Properties. Animation settings can be found under Advanced\Performance\Settings.

3. Use the most up-to-date graphics driver

If you game a lot, you are probably using nVidia or an ATI graphics card. Updating these drivers every month will boost your gaming experience significantly.

4. Take advantage of the latest available patches

Even after the launch of games they are being constantly improved and their bugs are being fixed continuously. Get the latest patches of your game and see the difference. You may get a couple of frames per second which will enhance the quality of your game a lot.

5. Optimize your hard disk

When files are written or removed from the hard disk, they might become corrupted or damaged or scattered around in various places of the disk drive which is, as you may understand, not a good thing to happen. Games take up a lot of space on the disk and they should be read in continuously stable manner. This can be achieved by defragmenting your hard disk. Open Disk Defragmenter in “Start\All Programs\Accessories\System Tools” and do it now.

6. Get more RAM

As we have mentioned already, games take up a lot of space. Therefore, if you have more memory, you can load the game more easily and smoothly. If you use the computer for gaming, you might as well to update your PC to 4GB or even more.

Finally, always optimize the performance of your computer by using a system optimizer like RegCure Pro that will delete redundant files and significantly boost the performance of your system.

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