How to recover files encrypted by Nesa ransomware

How to recover files encrypted by Nesa ransomware

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    3-25-20 says:

    If your files are appended with .nesa extension, it means that your computer was infected with one of the Djvu ransomware variants. This version is no longer new (was released by cybercriminals in September 2019), although it uses an improved encryption method that usually cannot be decrypted. For more information about Nesa ransomware, please check out the following article.

    Before you proceed with file recovery, you should copy the encrypted data over, as any modifications to it or malware removal can cause permanent damage. Once done, remove Nesa ransomware from your machine with anti-malware software, and first try Emisoft's decryptor . If your data was encrypted using an offline ID, the process should be successful.

    If that does not help, you can check out these instructions - they provide alternative methods that might sometimes be useful.

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