How to reinstall start menu on windows 10?

How to reinstall start menu on windows 10

Start symbol is on taskbar but does not open options

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    7-22-20 says:
    Windows 10 users have been suffering from Cortana and Start menu critical errors for a while now, and it seems like the problem is not going away.

    While other Windows errors are less impactful, the unresponsive Start menu can cause serious issues, as it might prevent users from navigating through files or accessing various locations on the PC.

    Luckily, there are several methods that could help you fix the "Start menu and Cortana aren't working" error. For that, you should first boot into Safe Mode and see if the problem persists there.

    Additionally, you can use built-in tools such as Command Prompt or Powershell that could help you get rid of the issue. To find out how to perform these fixes, follow the instructions on our "How to fix Start menu and Cortana aren't working error.

    Good luck

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