How to repair a corrupt PST file?

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Issue: How to repair a corrupt PST file?

Hello guys. I have an issue with my MS Outlook which does not seem to be opening for some reason. The text of the error says that a certain file cannot be opened. Is there a way to fix it? Please let me know as soon as possible.

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corrupt PST file snapshotIf there is a problem, there is always a way to find the solution as well. Before discussing what can be done, let us briefly discuss what Microsoft Outlook is. This program is a rather popular e-mail client used by both individual and business users as it features services like calendar, events, schedules and RSS feeds and, of course, services enabling e-mail management. All of its data is stored in a special file with the .PST (personal storage table) extension. This database is located on the hard drive of your computer. As popular as it is, however, it frequently encounters a certain problem resulting from a corrupted PST file. Therefore, let us discuss how to fix this problem.

Causes of PST corruption

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PST files can be corrupted by a variety of reasons. Usually this problem is caused by an abrupt shutdown of the application without saving the data. Also it can result from the system crash or power failure. Finally, it  might be caused by exceeding the 2 GB size limit. PST files can also be corrupted by an infection caused by some malware or another virus. Files can also get corrupted when upgrading Windows. Therefore, there are so many reasons for the files to become corrupted so it is highly advisable to back these files up from time to time. However, if you could not do it this time, there is still a way for you to fix it.

In case the PST corruption is caused by one of the most common problems, it can be solved with a tool provided by Microsoft itself to solve it. The name of this file is Scanpst.exe. However, there is no shortcut provided for this tool so you will have to run it yourself through the Start menu. When you open this file, you will have to locate the corrupted PST file. For this, click Browse button and then press Start in order to initiate the scanning process. When the scanning is finished, you will get a report about the condition of the files and whether there are errors in them. If the errors are found, click the Repair button. When all errors are fixed, you should see a message Repair complete.

Recover files and other system components automatically

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