how to restore file NDIS.SYS?

how to restore file NDIS.SYS?

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    gfenech says:
    I purchased a Lenovo mini with Windows10. Ran Windows Defender off-line. It says PC needs to be repaired. File NDIS.SYS missing
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    4-19-19 says:

    There are several reasons you might be encountering NDIS.SYS is a missing error, including corrupted system files, malware infections, outdated or corrupt drivers, Windows registry problems, etc.

    To fix NDIS.SYS error, you should first start from very basics: update your Windows operating system to the latest version. Then, scan your computer for malware with a reliable security application. For more advanced options, you will have to update or roll-back network drivers, check the disk for errors, run SFC and DISM scans, etc. For a full guide, please check this link:

    Ugetfix team

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