How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam?



Issue: How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam?

I frequently receive strange invitations and shopping offers on iCloud Calendar. I found them useless and annoying. How can I block them?

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iCloud Calendar Spam has been a huge issue before Black Friday in November 2016. They were informing about fake offers about special prices for Ray-Ban, Oakley, Louis Vuitton, and other well-known products. However, this spam attack is still bombarding Apple users, whether they are using iPhones, iPads or Macs. Just like normal event invitations, these also have three active buttons that you are supposed to click and inform the sender about your attendance or interest. However, clicking “Decline,” “Maybe” or “Accept” button only tells spam sender that your email is active. Thus, you should not go with your first instinct and decline the offer. Probably, you will receive even more spam notifications. The main problem with this issue is that it’s nearly impossible to prevent or stop iCloud Calendar Spam entirely. All you can do now is to try few methods that will help to deal with annoying invitations.

How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to block iCloud Calendar Spam. However, there’re three ways how you can prevent these notifications from popping up and flooding your calendar. You may not be able to stop them entirely, but you can be sure that you will minimize the amount of them. As we already mentioned, declining invitations is not an option because you might be attacked with even more invitations.

Solution 1. Create a new calendar called “Spam.”

1. Open Calendar application on the device.

2. Create a new iCloud calendar and name it “Spam,” “SpamCalendar” or similarly.

3. Move these spam event invitations to a new calendar.

4. Delete this “SpamCalendar.”

5. You will receive a pop-up where you have to choose “Delete and Don’t Notify” option. This option is important because you do not want to inform spam sender that you are using this email.

However, this method allows only terminating current invitations. Thus, you may need to follow these steps whenever new iCloud Calendar Spam invitations show up.

Solution 2. Redirect spam from Notifications into an email.

1. Go to and log in.

2. Click Calendar.

3. Click the gear icon and choose Preferences.

4. When in Preferences click on Advanced.

5. In the Advanced tab scroll down until you see Invitations section. Here you will see two options how you want to receive event invitations. Instead of “in-app notifications” choose “Email to.”

5. Click Save to confirm changes.

Nevertheless, this option allows to stop these notifications; your inbox will be flooded with spam. Thus, you will need to find a new way how to deal with unwanted emails.

Solution 3. Disable iCloud calendar.

Disabling Apple Calendar might sound like a drastic way to stop iCloud Calendar Spam. However, if you do not use this app, it’s the easiest solution. Follow the steps below to disable these apps and forget about unwanted invitations:

On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

1. Go to Settings.

  • If you are using iOS 10.3 or later from Settings go to [Your Name].
  • If you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier from Settings go to iCloud.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the window.

3. Choose Sign Out.

On Mac:

1. Go to Apple menu and choose System Preferences.

2. Click iCloud.

3. Choose Sign Out.

On Windows computer:

1. Open iCloud for Windows.

2. Click Sing out.

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