I cannot fix my update windows 10 program after a malicious attack

I cannot fix my update windows 10 program after a malicious attack. it shows the error code 0x8007000d no matter what. I have tried many options, read through questions and answers but no there’s always something that stops me from getting it done. I do not have money every program like re–image wants me to pay for help, other programs offer a trial but then they first want my banking details. I have always learned how to fix problems myself but this one i have no answers for. I put Avast on now as well only to find out that it is also a trial!

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    Ouma-a87 says:
    Well something went wrong via Microsoft their virus protector could not stop the malicious attack. I bought items from the Microsoft store via my credit card and it was not long before something tried to break into my online banking account. This was not the first time that i bought items from the microsoft store before all went well. The attempted break in created chaos and i had to phone microsoft helpcentre which we could not finish as my system froze and on top of it all they wanted money for their help, something like 600/700 pounds, in our money R1200/R1300.00. Naturally i do not have that kind of money then the technician asked how much money i did have??? Very strange? Anyway we got cut of so i still don't know whether the malicious software is still round and i am dead scared for another attack of somekind. My system is very slow, the cursor just rolls and rolls around for how long. I also had chrome but uninstalled it, because that just never works well for me. Really hope this info will help?
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    UGetFix.com says:
    Dear visitor,

    We are very sorry for the late response. The whole description of the problem is rather vague. Could you please tell us if your PC was initially attacked by a virus and then the 0x8007000d error showed up or vice versa? When does the error exactly shows up? When you try to download Windows 10 updates or initiate other tasks?

    The second part of your story raises lots of suspicions to us. Please tell us where did you get the number of Microsoft help center? If you took it from official Microsoft's website, then it's OK. Otherwise, your PC might be infected by adware, which displays a rogue tech-support-scam alert, which is used to trick people into revealing credentials to connect to people's PC's remotely.

    In this particular case, you should check your PC with a reputable anti-virus. If you are using Windows 10, you can use Windows Defender. No matter what security tool you use, make sure it's up-to-date. Besides, before a scan, restart the system into Safe Mode with Networking.

    If, nevertheless, the problem is not a scam, we have an article on how to fix 0x8007000d error, though your problem seems to be a bit deeper.

    Waiting for your response,
    UgetFix.com team

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