I get messages from “Adaware” offering to improve my system

I get messages from “Adaware” offering to improve my system. I think I installed it a long time ago but turned it off to use a different anti-virus program. Is Adaware trustworthy these days?

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    UGetFix.com says:

    There are many security products on the market, and it just happens so that some are simply better than the others. While malware detection rates are one of the major factors when choosing protection for your PC, it is not the only one. Features like the ease of use, the intrusiveness, reliability, system resource usage, and many others are important as well.

    While Adaware is legitimate AV engine used by many, we would recommend another security software, simply because the company uses quite aggressive marketing tactics and can often show pop-ups to pursue users to purchase a full version. Besides, Lavasoft, the developer of the application, is also known for Web companion application, which did not receive very good reviews by users and is considered to be a potentially unwanted program.

    Thus, we suggest you check these articles and decide for yourself:
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    Remember, protecting your PC from infections is important, so make sure you pick an option that suits you the best.

    Ugetfix team

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