The “requested resource is in use” error. Please help me!

I have the “requested resource is in use” thing and all these ‘solutions’ say that I should just open X anti virus program but I can’t!! Please help, not even in safe mode can the programs open. I can’t even reset my pc files and reinstall windows

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    9-17-17 says:
    Dear visitor,
    “The Requested Resource is in Use” is a serious error, which is triggered by SmartService rootkit. This infection has been developed to prevent security programs from being launched, leave the system unprotected, and, furthermore, open the back door for other computer infections. While you won't be able to remove the rootkit manually, the only way to launch the security tool is to use it along with an anti-rootkit utility. You can find the tools that we suggest using in this post:
    Please read all information carefully and follow the instructions attentively. After all, please let us know if you have managed to fix the problem.

    UgetFix Team

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