How can I recover files encrypted by Telsacrypt ransomware?

I was virus’ed in spring 2015 by ransomware which I think was Telsacrypt. I could not find any programs that would decrypt them but I found some programs that searched the hard drive for deleted files that had not been overwritten. I used these programs and recovered bits and pieces of some of the files. I actually recovered a few files in tact. Then I resigned myself that I had lost this data. However, some were pretty important to me and I saved the encrypted copies. A situation has arisen that I really need two of these files now. I have found some programs that say they might be able to decrypt them but so far no luck. Do you know of a program which can decrypt these files. I have removed the virus (in 2015) and so I most likely do not have the keys still on my computer someware.. mel Heinrichs

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    MelHeinrichs says:
    Is it possible to decrypt files without the Nemucod file?
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    11-6-17 says:
    Dear visitor,
    There are many ways that may help to decrypt files encrypted by ransomware attack. You can find a couple of decryption methods on this post.

    You can also try the methods that can be applied for decryption of files encoded by Arena ransomware.

    However, if you were using your PC since 2015 after it was infected by a virus, the chances to restore more data are very low because it has probably been overwritten.

    Good luck, team

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