How to stop ransom PC’s restarts?

My computer restarts randomly.I wasnt that common before but now it happens every day 4-7 times.I took my pc to fix and he said it didnt restard and he reinstalled windows.After few days it started again,I dont know what to do is it a hardware problem ?

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    3-19-18 says:
    Dear visitor,

    Could you please tell me how old are you PC? In case it's an old piece of device, the continuous restarts can be related to hardware problems, such as overheated system due to corrupted cooling system. In this case, a technician must have helped you by cleaning the cooling system or replacing it with a brand new one.

    However, random restarts can also be related to the Power Plan settings. Could you please try these steps:

    1. Right-click on "This PC" and select "Properties."
    2. Click on the "Advanced system settings" and then open "Settings."
    3. Unmark the "Automatically restart" option and click OK.
    4. Then type "Edit Power Plan" and click on this option.
    5. Select "Edit Power plan" option and click on the "Change advanced power settings."
    6. Click "Processor power management" under Balanced and open the "Minimum processor state."
    7. Then set it to low state, such as 5% or even 0%.
    8. Finally, click "Apply" and OK to save the changes.

    Dear visitor, after that, please let us know if your PC stopped from restarting automatically.

    Regards, team

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