Reset the memory settings on the printer driver

reset the memory settings on the printer driver

‘To perform detection of a USB connected printer, wait for the
current printing to finish or end monitoring through the
USB connection, then try again’ … which means?

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    11-15-19 says:
    Printing issues can be annoying, as they stop the device from performing tasks they are supposed to do - printing.

    The error is basically saying that you need to finish the current task on your printer before trying another one. In some cases, the pending task might get stuck in a queue, which will not allow you to print a new document and prompt errors. To cancel the current task, perform the following:

    1. Type in "Printer" in the Start menu search box
    2. From search results, pick "Printers & scanners"
    3. In the newly opened window, click on your printer once (for example, "HP LaserJet printer")
    4. Click "Open queue"
    5. Click on each of the lines and press "Delete"

    Additionally, you could turn the printer on and off - resets often fix any arising issues with devices like printers.

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