How to fix 0Xc000021A error without a CD/DVD slot?

The loop is ongoing with no options to select any advanced options. This HP laptop has no CD/DVD drive.

Preparing Automatic Repair
Error 0xc000021a

Ongoing loop no CD drive no other options to select just loop of error and preparing automatic repair

HP laptop

Community Answers

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    8-12-19 says:

    It must be very scary to see that you are unable to boot into your PC. However, there is almost always a way, no matter how bad things may seem.

    Even if you do not have a CD/DVD slot on your laptop, it must have a USB stick slot which you can use to reinstall Windows completely. To do that you will have to use a working computer in order to download Windows 10 bootable media from here: Download the Media Creation tool and insert it into a bootable USB.

    Alternatively, you could check the second fix in the following article:

    Good luck!

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