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Data Recovery Pro review

Date Recovery Pro

Data Recovery Pro is a program we would highly advise you to have on your computer in order to avoid unpleasant surprises that might arise if you permanently delete a file from your computer or a letter from your email. We all use a Recycle Bin which works as a safety net when deleting files from our computers. The same system is present in most of the emails. However, there are various situations when files might be deleted permanently because they are too large to fit into the Recycle Bin which has limited capacity or removed from external storage devices. Finally, no one is protected against human errors and sometimes we may delete files or emails that are of crucial important to us. However, they are not lost forever and easy to recover if you have Data Recovery Pro installed on your computer. Developed by ParetoLogic Inc., a producer of system optimizing tools since 2004, Data Recovery Pro is a powerful tool to bring various deleted files back to life. You can recover emails, email attachments or even partial files which have been damaged.

However, its functionality does not stop at emails. Far from it. With this tool, you can recover all sorts of files from other devices like iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic. What is more, as incredulous as it sounds, Data Recovery Pro can recover files from drives which have been freshly formatted or partitioned. A website providing tech reviews TopTenReviews which compares various optimization tools has praised Data Recovery Pro's feature which enables users to locate files to be recovered by searching keywords or phrases in them. It indeed is a useful tool that will help you to locate files quickly and easily and restore them immediately. It is easy to use and you can see most of the deleted files thanks to its wonderful interface.

So, why should I select Data Recovery Pro?

Even though it does not seem likely that you might lose an important file now, but no one is protected against various factors that can result in losing data you will not be able to recover if you do not have Data Recovery Pro. Therefore, prevent this from happening and take advantage of various benefits of Data Recovery Pro. It retrieves various files from freshly formatted drives, it can even recover files which are recycled, compressed or encrypted or deleted from various storage devices (it can also recover songs), saves retrieved files to destination you select, looks for specific text in these files and contains a footprint which is not big but so powerful that it will help you to locate and recover your files quickly. Therefore, you will save yourself from a lot of trouble having by Data Recovery Pro, if the unexpected happens and you find yourself in need of a file which has been deleted from your computer or email.

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