12 features of Gmail you should know about

Gmail is a great tool that most of us are probably using. However, do we know everything it has to offer? Find out for yourself by reading this list of twelve features available on Gmail. Some of them are integral to Gmail itself while others have been created by third-party developers.

Ways to schedule the messages on Gmail

1. When the timing of sending a message is very important but you may not have your Gmail account in front of you to do it, you can preschedule a message. There are at least two browser extentions offering this functionality, namely Right Inbox and Boomerang. You can send 10 pre-scheduled messages per month for free or pay a monthly $5 fee and preschedule numerous amounts of messages. However, you can run scripts on Google Sheets and thus do it for free.

2. Take advantage of Gmail Snooze! Postpone some emails until you are ready to read them. You can also set some letters to pop put at the top of the list. It’s a Chrome extension so feel free to try it and see how useful it is.

3. There is a Gmail’s Lab feature which allows sending stock or canned responses.

Check if your letters have been read

4. There are various Chrome extensions who may provide you with this information. Try Bananatag Email Tracking, Sidekick and Intelliverse Email Tracker and you will be able to know when your emails have been read and you can expect a reply. You will also be able to see the number of times the letter has been opened and even the location where it has been done. However, the number of letters you can track this way for free is limited.

5. Want to make sure that your letter will not sit in your addressee’s mailbox for a limited amount of time? Use Dmail! It destroys the messages after a while. Google (GOOGL, Tech30) has also recently introduced a functionality which allows undoing sent messages, in case you have changed your mind.

Boost your productivity

6. You can now make to-do lists in your Gmail account. For this, you will need a Remember The Milk checklist on the right side of Gmail on your Chrome and Firefox browsers. Messages can be turned into tasks and connected to contacts as well as Google Calendar.

This to-do list will be organized in chronological order. You will be able to include emails, assign projects to others and see the updates on the progress. What is more, you will be able to access this list on your mobile as well.

7. With Gmail, you can also schedule your appointments. Gmail Labs offers a feature which places Google Calendar next to your inbox so you could schedule things easier.

8. You may now see multiple email accounts accounts at the same time, thanks to Google Lab once again.

Deal with updates and alerts

9. Want to have some work done but there’s no Internet connection at the place you are staying? No problem. Gmail Offline provides you with a chance to read and reply to messages without Internet connection. Everything will be updated once you are back on the grid.

10. Keep tabs on your Gmail account without opening it. You will need Checker Plus which shows a number of emails waiting for you without opening the actual program. It is also possible to reply straight through the notifications.

11. Waiting for an important letter? AwayFind will help you, even though it is not fore free. This extension will give you a call or send a text, if certain people email you.

Everything in one place

12. There is a new great Chrome-based extension that will manage your Gmail in the most efficient way. It’s called Inbox and it will arrange everything in the most convenient manner for you to use. The extension is available on both your desktop and mobile.

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