A Total Guide to Speeding Up Computer Performance

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Issue: A Total Guide to Speeding Up Computer Performance

I’m using my computer for about a year and assume that it’s still a quite new machine. Isn’t it? Nevertheless, for some reason it works slow and crashes quite often. I’m sure that the issue is related to the low space in a hard drive or something. Could you please advice on how to improve my PC’s performance?

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computer's speed snapshotThere are many reasons that may influence your PC’s performance. Of course, when it’s new, then obviously it’s empty, clean and optimized. However, the longer you use it, the more data is stored in it. It frequently appears that the majority of the data appears to be a digital trash, such as temporary internet files, leftovers of deleted software, duplicates, etc. Thus, once you start using a computer, you should make sure that you maintain it properly.

Steps that has to be taken for increasing PC’s performance:

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We can give you a couple of useful tips that can certainly make your computer work as new. Make sure that you have enough time for finding out all possible ways how to boost PC’s speed  and let’s begin.

  1. Make you computer clean. Start PC’s optimization from freeing up disk space. As you have indicated in your email, you suspect that your computer works slow due to low disk space. In this case, you should start from the search of useless files and outdated registries. Junk files may get onto your computer not only when you download or install something, but simply when you’re browsing the net or checking emails. Therefore, you should do the following:
    Open ‘Start menu’ → ‘All Programs’ → ‘Accessories’ → ‘System Tools’ → ‘Disk Cleanup’.

    Another issue that might be considered as the cause of your PC’s slowdowns is duplicate files. Once a program or a certain document is installed, sooner or later when it gets unusable, people forget installing them. Therefore, after a while they may download the same item to the computer again and again. Besides, quite often Windows (especially 7) makes file duplicates by default; therefore, you might not even image how cluttered with unnecessary duplicates your computer might be. Therefore, you should check your machine step-by-step and delete all duplicates for good.
  2. Find and remove applications that haven’t been used for a long time. When trying to increase PC’s performance, you have to clean your OS as much as possible. We believe that your computer is full of software, which hasn’t been used for ages. Such programs commonly automatically run in the background of the system and, of course, take up disk space. If you have never uninstalled programs before, then you might be very surprised after finding how many unusable programs are sitting silently on your machine. In order to check the list of the software, you should:

    Open ‘Start menu’ → ‘Control Panel’ → Add/Remove Programs (for Windows XP)
    Open ‘Start menu’ → ‘Control Panel’ → ‘Programs’→ ‘Programs and Feature’ (for Windows 7 and Vista).

    When you access the list of programs, one-by-one check the list and uninstall unnecessary programs for freeing up the space in the hard disk.

  3. Defragment hard drive. This process is extremely significant if you want to maintain fact PC’s performance. When you save, change or delete files on your machine, both files and the volume itself becomes fragmented resulting in computer slowdowns. According to the specialists, heavy computer users should defragment their hard drives weekly while for the light user it’s enough to do this task monthly. Be aware that defragmenting is NOT the process that should be performed manually.
  4. Repair registry errors, which is not that simple task as it might look at first. Although it can be initiated manually, manual registry error fix poses a high-risk of damaging important programs. In order to fix Registry errors manually, you should detect what kind of program causes errors and access Windows Registry Editor, which can be done by opening ‘Start menu’, entering regedit into the search box and clicking ‘Enter’ button. Look for registries that cause problems and either delete or update them.
  5. Check which programs start automatically with the Windows boot and disable auto-start function. The majority of the software during setup installs on Windows startup, which means that it’s going to automatically launch every time the system is rebooted. Beware that such programs take lots of RAM space, thereby reducing your PC’s performance. In order to check, which programs use auto-start on your computer, perform the following steps:

    Open ‘Start menu’ → type msconfig → go to Startup tab → Unmark all programs that you don’t use on a daily basis.
    If you are using Windows Vista or 7, the go to the ‘Start menu’ → All Programs → Startup and do the same with unusable programs.

  6. Check your computer for malware. There are no doubts that malicious programs take up resources of your computer while running in the background of the system. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to check that manually. In order to make sure whether malware is hiding in your computer, you should check it with a reputable anti-spyware.
  7. Activate a Windows ReadyBoost. Windows 7 and Vista have this tool inbuilt. This tool allows using external USB flash drives as a hard disk cache to improve disk reader performance.

            In order to enable this tool, you should perform the following steps:

            Open ‘Start menu’ → Computer → Right click on the drive you want to use for ReadyBoost.
            Select ‘Properties’ → ReadyBoost tab
            Assign either the entire device for ReadyBoost or a part of it here.

How to speed up computer’s performance automatically?

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Although some of the tasks mentioned below can be executed manually, there are at least several reasons why we recommend optimizing your computer automatically with the help of ReimageRegCure Pro or PC Health Advisor. First of all, this way you will save a plenty of time. Moreover, you will ensure that real causes of system slowdowns are detected and fixed. Finally, you will prevent damage for important programs and files that can be done when cleaning and fixing computer manually. 

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