files cannot be decrypted error pls help to resolve

I updated my system recently and all my files are blocked..when I try opening any file it says Access denied..the files cannot be decrypted.. Pls help

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    11-8-19 says:
    Hello Rajneesh,

    File encryption can be performed by the built-in Windows tool Encrypting File System (EFS) - it helps users to secure their files and prevent access to unauthorized parties. Nevertheless, it so happens that this process is performed unintentionally, and then users struggle to recover the encrypted files.

    If you received a "The specified file could not be decrypted" error, you should try the following methods:

    1. Take full permission to access system files
    2. Apply decryption steps

    These solutions are quite lengthy. If you want to check a full guide about ways to decrypt files, please check the following article:

    Additionally, if your files are encrypted by malware (also known as ransomware or data locking malware), decryption methods would differ, and might not be possible in some cases. Please contact us again if the latter is the case.

    Ugetfix team

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