MSI laptop is not recognizing nvidia drivers anymore

hello please note that my MSI laptop is not recognizing nvidia drivers anymore, i uninstalled them then reinstalled them and its not passing the system compatibility step when installing, any advices? noting that i downloaded the version that is suitable for my laptop (as per nvidia support team). Thanks in advance!

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    4-19-19 says:

    Is there anything that changed before drivers stopped working? For example, have you installed any new programs or updated Windows OS? There are many reasons why your drivers might not be working correctly, so we can only give general tips:

    1. Please update your Windows OS to the latest version. Right-click on Start and then select Settings. Click on Update & Security and the go for Check for updates. Reboot your computer if updates were installed.
    2. Temporary disable your anti-virus and try to install drivers again.
    3. Uninstall any type of software that you recently installed (if any). Right-click on Start button and pick Apps & Features. Under "Sort by" drop-down menu, select "Install date." Remove all questionable programs.
    4. Update your drivers via Device Manager. Right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager. Click on Display adapters, select your graphics card and pick Update drivers. Then choose "Search automatically for updated driver software" and wait till Windows automatically installs drivers.
    5. Go to Nvidia website: Select the correct model of your GPU, etc., and download the driver from there. Try to install it.
    6. Download drivers from the MSI website: Select your model and try downloading drivers from the official site.

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