MS Office returns 0x000007b error

Hi!! i have installed office 2016 in my PC but it doesn’t open, It ends up telling me: “The application was unable to start correctly 0x000007b” i have tried all my level best but no success.
any help please

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    4-7-20 says:

    0x000007b error is of high importance, as users are unable to access particular apps - MS Office in your case. Just as with any other Windows error, however, there cannot be a universal solution for everybody, as causes for it to occur differ from PC to PC.

    The most common reasons for 0x000007b error is the usage of incorrect architecture files, Windows registry issues, corrupt Windows files, and much more.

    To find out which method for a 0x000007b fix would work for you, you should follow the options provided in the following article: Fix Application unable to start error 0x000007B.

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