How to Fix ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 Pop-Up on Windows?

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Issue: How to Fix ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 Pop-Up on Windows?

I have a problem on my Chrome browser. When I launch it, a pop-up window saying ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 is thrown and the screen freezes. I‘m offered to contact technicians by calling the number provided on that alert. That seems suspicious to me, so I did not call for it. Could you please tell me what should  I do? Before this message showed, the system, including web browser, worked fine. Running Windows 10. Thanks for any help!

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ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 is Tech Support Scam, which is automatically generated on web browsers when the system is infected with malware.  In the majority of the cases, this bogus alert is triggered by an ad-supported web browser extension with has been injected with a malicious code created by scammers. Such extensions are distributed using „software bundling“, meaning that they are attached to free downloads and disguised under Quick or Basic installation setup. Consequently, people who rush the installation of free applications end up installing potentially unwanted programs without being aware of that.

ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 pop-up is not malicious on its own. However, it‘s purpose is to deceive inexperienced PC users by spreading false claims that the Windows OS lacks for product key and, therefore, could not work properly. Many users are feeling helpless because their legitimate Windows Activation codes are rejected by ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 pop-up. That‘s because this alert is fake and it‘s real attempt is not to receive an activation code, but rather to prompt people call for „professional technicians“ available at 1-844-459-8882. Unfortunately, but these people are not professionals, at least not IT. They are scammers who seek to gain remote access to people‘s computers and, later on, initiate purchases using their credentials or inject malicious programs on their systems. At best, those frauds may offer to subscrive a useless or even bogus service, which will then cost a victim a particular sum of money monthly. Therefore, DO NOT call for 1-844-459-8882 under any circumstances. In case you have received the message shown below, peform several simple steps and fix ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 pop-up immediately.

Customer Service: + 1-844-459-8882
Product key and Activation
Enter The Product Key

How to Fix ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 Pop-Up on Windows?

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ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 alert typically shows up on Windows OS. One its malicious code is activated, web browser will start generating this issue automatically. As usually, tech support scam message freezes web browser’s screen, meaning that it can’t be closed by pressing the X button at the right-top corner of the page. Unfortunately, but web browser’s process can’t be terminated via Task Manager either because the malicious code blocks the Task Manager. Therefore, to remove the malicious code from the web browser and terminate the application that triggers ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 scam, you have to perform the following steps:

Step 1. Kill suspicious processes

  1. Type C:/windows/explorer.exe” into the URL address bar (file///C:/windows/explorer.exe on Mozilla Firefox) and press Enter.
  2. After that, lauch the downloaded file to open Computer catalog.
  3. Go to C: disk -> Windows -> Explorer.exe.
  4. Look for the Command Prompt, type tasklist in it, and press Enter.
  5. In the list of processes, find the suspicious ones, copy their names, and type the following command in the command line to close them: taskkill/ im [Name of the suspicious process].

Step 2. Delete suspicious applications

  • Click Start and navigate to Control Panel.
  • Open Programs and Features and select Uninstall a Program.
  • Find all suspicious programs on the list, click on them, and select Uninstall.

Step 3. Reset web browser’s settings

  • Open Google Chrome. Find three-bar button at the top of the screen and click it to open Menu.
  • Select Tools and then click on Extensions.
  • Look for suspicious browser extensions, mark them and click on Trash icon next to it.
  • Open menu again and go to Settings. Find On startup part, and click Set pages next to Open a specific page or a set of pages option.
  • Remove suspicious websites by clicking X button next to them. Then enter a URL of the site that you would like to set as your homepage.
  • Once done, navigate to MenuSettingsManage Search engines.
  • Remove all suspicious entries and leave only the search engine that you would like to use.
  • After that, go to MenuSettings, and click on Reset Browser Settings..
  • Once Reset browser settings window appears, click Reset to proceed.
  • After you fix Google Chrome, do the same with the other web browsers.

Step 4. Scan your PC with a trusted security tool

To fix ERROR_LOCAL_USER_BX06DE4897_MD9858 pop-up permanently, you should initiate a full system scan with a professional antivirus. This will ensure that all suspicious/malicious programs and codes have been removed. For this purpose, you can use Reimage as it has shown great results in malware/virus/error detection and removal lately.

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