How to Fix Runtime Error 339?

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Issue: How to Fix Runtime Error 339?

I’ve received a runtime error message. The warning says: “Runtime error 339: Component COMDLg32.ocx is not correctly registered or file is missing”. I’ve tried troubleshooting this issue, but nothing has worked. Could you help me?

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Runtime Error 333 is a runtime error that might occur when launching or running particular programs. Numerous reasons might cause the error. However, it is often related to the corrupted or missing .ocx files. They are legitimate files that could be found on Windows operating system. On average the system includes around 10,000 OCX files. These files are crucial program files that are necessary for performing various functions or maintaining program’s stability. Seeing runtime error 339 means that some of these files are corrupted, deleted or missing. The error message always includes the name of the file that needs to be fixed, for instance:

Runtime error 339: Component COMDLg32.ocx is not correctly registered or file is missing.

Thus, in this case, there’s a problem with the COMDLg32.ocx file. Sometimes this error is caused because of an incorrectly installed program. As we already mentioned, this warning message might show up when running programs. Hence, even if the installation of the application was smooth, this error might still occur. If the program has been installed not correctly, usually it’s enough to uninstall and reinstall it in order to fix runtime error 339. In some cases, this error shows up due to the issues with DLL files of the particular program. For instance, these files might be deleted or corrupted. What is more, the error might also be related to various problems with Windows Registry. Fortunately, usually, it’s not hard to fix Runtime Error 339. You need to fix the corrupted file that prevents a program from running properly.

How to fix Runtime Error 339?

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In order to get rid of runtime error 339, you need to fix the file that causes this problem. As we already mentioned, this file name is written in the pop-up error window. For solving this issue, you have three option.The first and simplest method requires uninstalling and installing again the program which using you receive this error. Thus, you should try this method at first. If it doesn’t work, then try the second and third methods.

Method 1. Reinstall the program.

If this error occurs when using a particular program, uninstall and then reinstall it again. One of the reasons why error 339 error occurs is an incorrect installation of the software.

Method 2. Reregister the corrupted file.

The error message you received includes the name of the corrupted file. If you received a message saying “Runtime error 339: Component COMDLg32.ocx is not correctly registered or file is missing”, you need reregister COMDLg32.ocx files. If you have issues with another .ocx file, instead of “COMDLg32.ocx” use your file name.

1. Go to the Command Prompt.

2. Select Run as administrator and type this command:

regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx

3. Then, you are supposed to receive a message saying that you managed to reregister the corrupted .ocx file successfully. The message should look like “DllRegisterServer in comdlg32.ocx succeeded” or similarly.

Method 3. Execute commands in Command Prompt.

If none of the above methods haven’t worked for you, try this method to fix Runtime Error 339.

1. Run the Command Prompt.

2. Choose Run as administrator.

3. Execute all of the following commands in the Command Prompt. Press enter after each typed command:

regsvr32 \Windows\System32\ comdlg32.ocx /u

regsvr32 \Windows\System32\ comdlg32.ocx

NOTE. If you receive an error about another .ocx file, please replace “comdlg32.ocx” with your file name.

4. Exit Command Prompt. Now you should not receive error 339.

However, if none of these methods have worked or you have noticed that your computer operates oddly, check the system for the virus infection. Scan computer with reputable malware removal programs, such as Reimage. Sometimes malware uses names of the legitimate files or system processes to bypass computer’s security.

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