How to Fix Update Error Code 0x800703f1 on Windows 10?

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Issue: How to Fix Update Error Code 0x800703f1 on Windows 10?

A couple of days after I upgraded to Windows 10, the system installed 2 updates automatically and everything was working smoothly. Now I opt for cumulative update, but it doesn’t want to run on the system. Instead of it, Windows throws me an error 0x800703f1. Any ideas how should I fix that?

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0x800703f1 Error Code is Windows OS specific. In all of the cases, this Windows bug emerges when trying to run updates. We have received lots of reports about this issue along with the emergence of the cumulative Windows updates. Although some of the IT forums try to prove that 0x800703f1 error may be caused by virus infection, antivirus, corrupt registries, and similar, let us call, minor disruptions, that’s barely true. Therefore, we would not recommend you going through the maze of fixes provided on online forums because the majority of them are useless. In case you want to check whether there are some registry failures, malware/virus, startup issues, and similar problems that are said to be causing 0x800703f1 error and Windows slowdowns, try running a scan with  Reimage or an alternative PC optimization tool. We can bet that even after fixing registries and other issues that it detects, 0x800703f1 error persists.

Unfortunately, but 0x800703f1 bug is quite complicated because it is caused by misconfigured system files of your OS. That’s why when the system is trying to run the update, the updater seems to be working at first, but then freezes and does not complete for hours. Unfortunately, there are not many fixes for this issue except installing Windows 10 from scratch. Well, you may try to use Update Troubleshooter or Factory Reset, but most of the users who tried this reported that these options did not help, except consumed lots of time. Therefore, to fix 0x800703f1 error instantly, we recommend a clean install of your OS.

NOTE: don’t forget that a clean install of Windows 10 will remove all data, including programs, apps, personal files, and setting, which is why you have to take care of file backups. One more condition – you need an extra Windows OS running computer.

When you have prepared file backups and access to a 0x800703f1 error-free Windows OS running PC, navigate to this page and select Download tool now. Now you are downloading a Media Creation Tool to your machine. The link that we’ve provided is secure and will navigate you to the official Microsoft’s website that contains Media Creation Tool download. In case you do not trust online links like this, you can go to the Microsoft’s page and find the tool by yourself.

  1. Once the Media Creation Tool is installed, open it and select For another PC.
  2. Now you have to set language, currency, system architecture, and other required settings.
  3. After that, download an ISO file that you will be able to burn to USB hard drive.
  4. Burn the ISO file to your USB .
  5. Turn on the PC that has 0x800703f1 issue, go to the BIOS/UEFI settings where you have to change boot order. Set it to boot from a USB drive.
  6. Click Save and close the window you are currently seeing.
  7. Insert the USB, which contains an ISO file with the Windows 10 setup.
  8. Shut down your PC and then turn it on.
  9. Press any key to prompt Windows 10 installation.
  10. Set all the required settings as you prefer and the select Install Windows.
  11. If you have a Windows key, enter it. In case Windows OS that your PC was running before has already been registered, then click Skip.
  12. Put a tick alongside the notification that you agree with the license terms.
  13. After that, select Custom installation and the partition you want to be installed.
  14. Click Next and finish up with the installation.

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