How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x8007003B "An unexpected network error occurred"?


Issue: How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x8007003B "An unexpected network error occurred"?

Hello. I want to report a problem, which is consistently happening on the Anniversary Update (1607) of Windows 10. When I create a folder on a share on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, File Explorer gets stuck for about a minute and then displays an error message that reads as follows: “An unexpected error is keeping you from renaming the folder […] Error 0x8007003B: An unexpected network error occurred”. Please help me fix this issue!

Solved Answer

Users started reporting Error Code 0x8007003B error back in 2016 when Windows 10 Pro Version 1607[1] Build 14393.x (the August 2016 Anniversary Edition) was released.

Research revealed that any type of Windows 10-1607 (virtual machine or physical, with different motherboard/NIC[2] manufacturers) running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials in a virtualised environment could, and usually does, encounter this error when trying to create or rename a folder.

The process of such task is extended obviously from the first click and eventually freezes handing File Explorer and ending up with an error message:

Error 0x8007003B: An unexpected network error occurred.

Several people pointed out that the error causes Outlook to stop working as well.

Windows 10 Error Code 0x8007003BFollow this guide to fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x8007003B

Sadly, but Microsoft hasn’t yet approved this issue, meaning that you cannot find any 100% reliable 0x8007003B error fixes. Nevertheless, people are dealing with this bug for such a long time that various methods to fix it have already been tried.

For example, such common error triggers as anti-virus/firewall conflict, corrupt Windows registry, damaged/corrupted system files, server, and client connection issues, etc.

Viruses can cause multiple errors to occur on the machine (including Error Code 0x8007003B), and in the meantime, users mostly think that there are some problems with their software, operating system, or even hardware. Therefore, users who experience frequent errors, software crashes, and other malfunctions should first scan their PC for malware.[3] We recommend using FortectMac Washing Machine X9, as this software is also capable of fixing various PC problems.

If you performed a full system scan and it returned no results (which is highly likely), you should proceed with the following Error Code 0x8007003B error fixes.

Solution 1. Disable anti-malware software

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If you are using third-party anti-virus software, you should try to disable it temporarily, and them try to copy your files. Most security programs can be disabled by simply right-clicking on the tray icon and clicking “Disable.” Please refrain yourself from visiting any suspicious sites during the time your computer is unprotected. If Error Code 0x8007003B error persists, follow the next step.

Solution 2. Disable Windows Firewall

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Multiple users reported that switching off Firewall helped them fix Error Code 0x8007003B. To do that, please follow these steps:

  • Click on Start button and type in Control Panel
  • From there, go to System and Security Disable FirewallFirewall can sometimes cause Error Code 0x8007003B
  • Click on Windows Defender Firewall
  • On the left pane, click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off
  • Turn off Firewall and click OK
  • Restart your PC Disable Firewall 2Disable both options and click OK

Solution 3. Turn off Windows Search

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If you use search on rare occasions, do not hesitate and disable Windows Search to fix 0x8007003B error on Windows 10. For this purpose, you have to:

  • Press Windows key + R and type in services.msc
  • In the Services window, scroll down and locate Windows Search
  • Right-click on it and select Properties
  • Under Startup type, pick Disable and OK
  • Do not reboot your PC Switch off Windows SearchYou can disable Windows Search service

Solution 4. Initiate SFC scan

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System File checked is a builtin tool that is capable of finding and fixing various system errors. Please follow these steps:

  • Press Start and type in Command Prompt or cmd
  • Right-click on search result and select Run as administrator
  • Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter
  • If Windows will find any errors it will fix them automatically Run SFC scanSystem File Checker can detect and fix system errors automatically

Solution 5. Delete Windows Registry entry

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Some users reported that deleting Registry helped them to fix the 0x8007003B error. Warning: if you perform incorrect actions and damage Windows Registry, it might result in system failure. Thus, use this guide at your own risk:

  • Click on the Start button and type in regedit
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\WINEVT\\Channels
  • Delete Microsoft-Windows-DxpTaskRingtone/Analytic

Hopefully, you have managed to fix 0x8007003B error by performing these simple steps.

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