How to maximize computer's battery life?

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Issue: How to maximize computer's battery life?

It seems that the battery of my laptop which is comparatively new (approximately a year) discharges in a very short period of time. Could you please advise on how can I extend the battery life at least a bit?

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computer's battery life snapshotThe emergence of laptops provided people with convenience if comparing to personal computers. Nevertheless, the battery of the laptop tends to die at the worst possible moments, for instance, when you need to send an important paper to your teacher, when you are viewing an interesting movie during bus ride, when you have to display a power point presentation during a class and similar awful moments when you either do not have a power adapter with you or there is no power outlet available. Of course, batteries get old and start working slowly. However, there are some tips that we can give you in order to prolong laptop’s battery lifespan. 

Basic Tips for Longer Laptop Battery Life

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  1. When you have an accessible power adapter, plug-in your laptop in order to keep it fully charged. Of course, for that you have to have an AC adapter with you all the time, i.e. at home, at the office, at school or any other place. Therefore, we highly recommend you to have at least one extra AC adapter.

    NOTE: the widespread opinion that keeping a laptop plugged into AC power when the battery is fully charged gradually makes the batteries life span shorter. It’s a myth. Lithium batteries that are used for modern laptops stop using power as soon as the battery is fully charged. Therefore, if you keep an AC adapter charged, you reduce the risk of laptop dying at that crucial moment.

  2. If you want to lengthen your batteries run time, then first of all try to consider what are the main power consumers. Of course, one of the main power killers is the screen or actually it’s brightness. Therefore, make sure that you set screen brightness to the minimum or at least average when trying to save at deadly needed minutes of your laptop run time. This can be done by following these steps:
    Go to Control Panel → Hardware and Sounds → Power Options → Change Plan Settings.
  3. In addition, think of the power that you waste when the laptop is not in use. As we have clarified the main power consumer – modern displays with Led backlights, another solution for making your battery run longer is to turn the saver mode on. In other words, change your settings so that when you are not using your laptop the screen would ‘go asleep.’ For that, go to:
    Control Panel → Hardware and Sounds → Power Options → Change Plan settings → Select a timeout of 1 to 3 minutes under the ‘Put the computer to sleep’.
  4. The next step is to turn off hardware, apps and processes that are not crucial. The easiest way to reduce power consumption is to turn off unnecessary stuff. Since every component consumes bigger or smaller amount of power, make sure that you always keep running the most crucial programs, apps and processes only.

    Obviously the biggest power hogs are hardware, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, unused optical drivers, graphics processors, and so on. Therefore, make sure that unusable devices that you are about to disable are not in use and terminate them via Device Manager. The same should be done with unnecessary apps and processes. In order to check what unused apps are running in the background and terminate them. In order to end up processes that are stealing your battery juice by you should click Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons at once and open Task Manager. While some of the processes are crucial, the others, especially the ones related to music and video players, cloud storage services, etc. Right click on the running process and select ‘Kill Process’. If you always remember these simple tips and mind them, we are pretty sure that you will maximize your laptop’s battery life at least a little bit, which is sometimes enough to end important task.

Finally, you should also consider checking your machine with RegCure Pro, which is a tool used for updating drivers, cleaning Windows registry, defragmenting the disk, and similar tasks, which once fulfilled may also optimize power consumption.

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