How to remove /Volumes/AdvancedMacCleaner/Advanced Mac

how to remove /Volumes/AdvancedMacCleaner/Advanced Mac Mac Cleaner via the cmdline on a MAC

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    7-2-18 says:
    Dear visitor,

    You are infected with the app called Advanced Mac Cleaner. Can you remember installing it on your computer? In most of the cases, this PUP spreads in a bundle with other software as optional component, so, first of all, think what program could be the one that brought it on your system without your approval. It should leave your system together with Advanced Mac Cleaner.

    When trying to remove this virus, try following these detailed steps. Fortunately, you are not dealing with a serious threat, but if the program fails to leave the system, make sure you run a full system scan with updated removal tool!

    Good luck, team

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