How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger?

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Issue: How to Uninstall Facebook Messenger?

Hello, could you tell how to uninstall Facebook Messenger entirely? I do not like how much information they want to collect about me.

Solved Answer

When Facebook was released, it has an integrated messaging function. However, in April 2014 this feature has been removed, and since then users need to install Facebook Messenger (or simply – Messenger) in order to contact their friends using smartphones or tablets. The app has texting, voice and video call functions. It also allows starting group conversations, sharing pictures, videos, gifs and other information with a bunch of people. Thus, this application seems like a useful and convenient tool for keeping in touch with friends or family members. However, while some users find Facebook Messenger useful application, others complain that installation of other program is inconvenient. Not so long ago it was enough to keep only one Facebook app, and now users are forced to install another one in order to enjoy all social network’s functions. Thus, they need to use extra phone space.

However, the majority of people, who decide to uninstall Facebook Messenger, are concerned not about reduced phone memory, but about their personal privacy. Facebook Privacy Policy reveals that they are collecting various information about users. When installing Messenger people also need to give the app permission to access the information related to their contacts, SMS, phone, calendar, connection, location, photos and other files, camera, microphone, Wi-Fi details, device ID, and many other details. Officially, Facebook states that this information is necessary for providing better services and relevant ads. However, you can find numerous speculations and rumors how this social network spies on users and how aggregated information might be used. We cannot confirm or deny these talks. But for those who are concerned about their privacy, we can help to uninstall messenger from their phones.

Uninstalling Facebook Messenger

Uninstalling Facebook Messenger from the smartphone

Removing messenger from the device is not a complicated task. You just need to uninstall it like any other application. Once you do that, you won’t be able to contact your Facebook friends using your smartphone. However, you could still send and receive messages on Facebook using a web browser on computer or phone. Thus, if it’s not an issue for you, you should go straight to removal instructions.

If you want to uninstall Facebook Messenger from Android, follow these steps:

1. Open Google Play.

2. Go to “My Apps” section and in the list look up for Facebook Messenger.

3. Once you find it, click on it and choose “Uninstall” button.

4. In the appeared confirmation window, you need to agree that you want to delete app permanently.

If you want to remove messenger from iPhone or iPad, you need to follow these guidelines:

1. Find Facebook Messenger’s icon on the iPhone/iPad and press it until it starts shaking.

2. Once the app starts shaking, you will also notice the cross in the left corner.

3. Tap the cross, and the app will be removed from the device.

In order to delete FB Messenger from the Windows Phone, you have to follow these instructions:

1. Go to the app list and find Facebook Messenger.

2. Once you find, press on it.

3. You will see a menu window where you need to find and press “Uninstall” option.

4. In the appeared confirmation window, you need to click “Yes” option in order to uninstall the app.

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