Windows 10 factory reset stuck

i try to set my computer back to factory settings it will get up to 46% then error says and it made no changes to my computer.

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    8-29-19 says:

    To fix the factory reset stuck issue, you should first try downloading Media Creation Tool (check this link for download: and create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive. It can be used for the Startup Repair feature later.

    Once done, restart your PC and boot from the bootable DVD or USB - this can usually be accomplished by repeatedly pressing F8, F10, Esc, or another key (depending on your BIOS). Once the bootable media loads, go ahead as follows:

    Repair your Computer > Advanced > Troubleshoot

    Finally, pick the Startup Repair option, and let Windows fix problems you are having.

    If that did not work for you, you should simply reinstall Windows OS altogether. You can follow these instructions for that:

    Good luck,
    Ugetfix team

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