How to fix this major irritation on my browser?

I’m getting this major irritation (the green/purple distorted view) on any browser, not just Chrome, and when I right click on the vid, a window comes up, but there is no settings ‘key’ that has been part of the recommended ‘fix’. Ideas?

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    9-15-17 says:
    Hello and thank you for your report,
    Did you try to disable hardware acceleration on the affected browser? For this purpose, try these steps:

    Click on the three dots at the top-right corner to open "Menu" (this may differ according to the browser type).
    Then open "Settings" and scroll down until you see "Show advanced settings."
    Then scroll down to the bottom to find Hardware acceleration option. Slide a toggle to "Off."
    Reopen your browser and check if that helped.

    Some people claim that they fixed green/purpose videos by chaning their quality. If that did not help, several other fixes can be found here:

    UgetFix team

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