How to fix error 0xc000014c on my laptop?

I’ve downloaded windows 10 on my ipad and it’s connected to my laptop. I have error 0xc000014c on my laptop and i heard that i can use an usb that contains installation file. So i’m asking how to fix this using an ipad. If not, how can i fix this without any installation files and without any pre-download apps before this error occured?

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    12-30-19 says:

    Unfortunately, you cannot use an iPad to create a bootable USB. You actually need to get a USB stick and upload the bootable installation media you can download from here:

    The easiest solution would be for you to find a working Windows machine, download the required software, and put it into the USB stick, then proceed with the repair methods explained in this article: How to Fix 0xc000014c BSOD on Windows 10?.

    I am afraid that fixing the issue without having a bootable media is impossible, as the corrupted system files will not allow you booting into Windows in the first place.

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