I believe that my KODI is corrupted. What can I do?

My KODI is corrupted, I believe. I keep getting an error message spotty.exe has stopped working and then my KODI app crashes. I have Windows 7. I’ve already tried to locate the .exe in the KODI program folder and it doesn’t appear. I’ve tried to locate it on task manager and it doesn’t appear there either. Do you suggest I uninstall the app all together and re install? Or what would you recommend to troubleshoot this error?

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    UGetFix.com says:
    Dear visitor,
    If you have many issues regarding Kodi application, we would strongly recommend reinstalling it. If it got corrupted, it may be difficult to isolate the culprit and fix the problem.

    The problem is that Kodi injects multiple files in various locations, so it's sometimes difficult to uninstall it manually. You can find a comprehensive Kodi removal instructions here.

    Good luck,
    UgetFix.com team

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